A Firm With One Focus: Government Contract Law

Welcome to the Whay Law Firm

The Whay Law Firm is a full-service government contracts law firm dedicated to providing outstanding legal service to government contractors. In fact, all of our clients are government contractors. The firm has extensive experience handling the full array of issues faced by companies doing business with the federal government, including assisting clients with protests and claims, understanding the FAR and DFARS, complying with the Buy American Act, and drafting teaming agreements and subcontracts.

Although we represent Fortune 500 and international companies, most of our clients are small- and medium-sized government contractors, many qualifying under one or more of the SBA programs. Regardless of your company’s size, our goal is to provide you practical, responsive, and cost-effective solutions to your government contract matters.

We recognize that you face unique challenges as a government contractor. Whether you are filing or fighting a bid protest, a small business applying to an SBA program, or in the process of establishing a strategic teaming agreement, our role is to help you reach your goals.

Personalized attention is one of the distinguishing features of the service provided by our firm. Unlike a large firm, you are not just one of many clients to us. You are not just another legal matter. You matter!

Conveniently located in the Washington D.C. metro area, we are in close proximity to the federal agencies, the Court of Federal Claims, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), and the SBA’s Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA).

Please take a moment to view our various services and then call or e-mail for a consultation.

Understanding The Buy American Act

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Government Contract Protests

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A firm with one focus: Government Contract Law